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Night Demon

by Night Demon


Formats available:

SKR075CD - CD is Sold Out!
SKR075CT - Cassette with 4 bonus tracks is Sold Out!

NIGHT DEMON is a young trio from California who literally fell out of the sky from nowhere...well, they did when they first released the Night Demon EP on CD through SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS in 2013. Even before its release, when they'd just created a Bandcamp page - and where SHADOW KINGDOM found 'em and were instantly blown away - NIGHT DEMON were invited to play the KIT festival in Europe. From there, the stage was set for their inevitable debut album, Curse of the Damned, which was released last year by Steamhammer and through which the band hit the road hard and converted the masses to their heavy metal faith.

Indeed, heavy metal is NIGHT DEMON's sole religion, one that girds every inch of their souls. You can hear it loud and clear on their very first recording, Night Demon, now finally being released on cassette tape by SHADOW KINGDOM. If you loved Curse of the Damned, then you're gonna love Night Demon just as much - and maybe more! Hear NIGHT DEMON in a rawer, purer state, one that's just as enthralled to the original NWOBHM wave and already mastered it. Love old Angel Witch, Raven, Iron Maiden, and all that British-styled heavy metal that started it all, but wanna hear it in the present and with a harder, grittier, more American feeling? Then Night Demon is gonna be your go-to record, and you can now rock out to it on your Walkman! Even better, this tape version is amended with four bonus tracks, including two studio tracks (one a Diamond Head cover!) and two live tracks from the band's very first show, making this version a full-length album. They are the NIGHT DEMON, and they're comin' to your town...on cassette!

1. Night Demon
2. The Chalice
3. Ancient Evil
4. Ritual
5. Axe Crazy *
6. Lightning To The Nations *
7. Radar Love (Live) *
8. Ritual (Live) *
* Bonus tracks not available on the SKR075CD release.


released October 31, 2016



Shadow Kingdom Records Valley City, Ohio

Shadow Kingdom has released a massive amount of quality music, showcasing a wide variety of Metal music, from both new and legendary bands from the glorious past. Today we focus on strong Traditional Heavy Metal Bands with a Rock & Roll influence as well as maintaining a vast US based mail order distribution that has thousands of interesting Heavy Metal and Rock from today as well as the past. ... more

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